Our people

The Royal Air Force is an inclusive employer which supports and values difference. Our people are as varied as the roles they fulfil.

Here’s a selection of our personnel from around the RAF. 

Sgt Eddie Raffles

Eddie Raffles is the most travelled bear in the RAF flying in RAF Benson's Chinook and Puma. Eddie is completing his own log book and will be raffled off once he has finished his RAF flying career. 

Flt Lt Simon Phillips

Simon Phillips is a Junior Engineer Officer (JEngO), from RAF Coningsby. As the JEngO, he leads 45 aircraft technicians to ensure the availability and airworthiness of the aircraft on Exercise Red Flag.

Image by SAC James Skerrett

SAC (T) Lauren Cassin

Lauren is an Aircraft Technician (Mechanical) at RAF Coningsby. Currently, on Exercise Red Flag, she ensures all aircraft are ready to meet the daily flying programme.

Image by SAC James Skerrett

Cpl Kimberly Springhall

Kimberly is an RAF Nurse based at the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford.

Image by Cpl Tony Hawke

SAC (T) Lewis Mayers

Lewis is an Aircraft Technician (Mechanical) who provides serviceable components for Puma helicopters which enables rapid deployments like on Op Ruman.

Image by SAC Amy Lupton

Fg Off Ellie Deakin

Ellie, a Flight Operations Officer, joined the RAF for a career that would give her new challenges every day and is also a STEM Ambassador, inspiring young people across the country.

Image by Cpl Tony Hawke

Cpl Richard Rettalick

Richard and Riki, his Military Working Dog, help provide security for RAF Benson.

Image by Cpl Tony Hawke

Flt Lt Emma Spencer

Emma is an RAF Nurse in the Cardiac Department at the OU Hospital. Emma was part of the Tactical Medical Team conducting worldwide Aeromedical Evacuations.

Image by Sgt Rachel Malthouse

Cpl Peter Harper

Peter always wanted to be a firefighter and joined the RAF​ in 2005. He's worked in some of the harshest of environments and is proud of helping to change lives.

Image by Sgt Rachel Malthouse

Chanel Walker

Chanel is a Surface Finisher and enjoys her job as part of a small team that conducts a full Puma aircraft repaint.

Image by SAC Amy Lupton

Sgt Luke Noyle

Luke, an Air Traffic Controller, completed trade training last year and has already looked after Puma, Chinook and the Red Arrows.

Image by Cpl Tony Hawke

Pte Romeo Rokomaiqisa

Romeo is part of the [Military Provost Guard Service] who provide 24/7 security. Originally from Fiji, he joined the British Army in 2003 and has completed tours in Afghanistan as well as public duties at Buckingham Palace.

Image by Sgt Rachel Malthouse

Pte Oliver Murden

Oliver Murden is a British Army driver with the Royal Logistics Corps, trained to drive and maintain all Army vehicles whatever the conditions or weather. He joined the RAF Benson team in 2016.

Image by SAC Amy Lupton

Jacqueline Paxton

Jacqueline worked as a carer for many years, and for the past 17 years has been one of the essential team members working tirelessly behind the scenes.

Image by Sgt Rachel Malthouse

SAC Jacob O'Keeffe

Jacob qualified as an RAF supplier last year and works in the Technical Stores. He represents the RAF in football and cross country and has also completed an overseas expedition to the Grand Canyon.

Image by SAC Amy Lupton

Cpl Alexander Copas

Alexander is a Weapons Technician who has worked worldwide with aircraft including Puma, Chinook, Typhoon and Hercules.

Image by SAC Amy Lupton

Revd (Sqn Ldr) Philip Corrigan

Philip is Chaplain at RAF Benson and provides support to all, regardless of faith.

Image by Sgt Rachel Malthouse

SAC Matthew Wickens

Matthew, an Engineer on 230 Squadron maintains Pumas. He has taken part in inspirational activities such as taking supplies to a Kenyan orphanage while on detachment.

Image by Cpl Tony Hawke

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